Price Matching

We strive to offer top of the line service, and we are confident that you will be hard pressed to find better for your online bike needs. Even though we do everything we can to offer the best possible prices, you may find an item we sell for sale through a competitor at a lower price. If you can't settle for anything else other than the CanadaBicycleParts reliability and service, simply make use of our price matching guarantee.

Price Matching Canadian Stores

We will price match any of our online Canadian competitors within 2 business days of your purchase as long as:

  • The competitor is an authorized retailer (ie. auction sites like eBay and Amazon are not).
  • The competitor's item is an exact match and is in stock.

Price Matching International Stores

If you live in Canada, comparing an online purchase from a Canadian store versus from an International store is like comparing apples to oranges. International stores have different regulations imposed by manufacturers, distributors and governments which may allow them to advertise products at lower prices. However, international stores are unlikely to offer the delivery speed that you would get from purchasing from a Canadian store. Moreover, your transaction is likely going to be processed in a different currency and thus be subject to your credit card's currency conversion rates. Last but not least, your order is likely to be delivered to you with an additional surprise invoice for brokerage fees and duties. For these reasons, we cannot systematically price match international stores, however, in good faith, we are still willing to have a look at your price matching request and provide our best possible price.

Submit a Price Match Request

If you are ready to submit a price match request, all you need to do is fill out and submit our Price Match Request form.

If your price match request is accepted and your order has not yet been placed, we will send you a quote which you can turn into an order at your own convenience. If your order has already been placed and your price match request is accepted, we will perform the price adjustment on your existing order.